iPhone 7: 10 News About Release Date, Specs and Price: 2 - iOS 10

iPhone 7 will be launched in 2016. Here are the release date, some new features and the expected price range!

10 anticipazioni sul nuovo smartphone targato Apple
2 - iOS 10

For the latest update of the phone's operating system, iOS 9.2, Apple improved on a number of things including enhancements for Apple Music, a new section for news and improved the efficiency of the keyboard. It is thought that iOS 10, which is rumoured to be launched in the iPhone 7 will, amongst other things, include improvements for on Siri such as enabling it to transcribe your voice mail messages so you don't have to listen to them(great for when you are in a meeting or a quiet place) and the chance to use the phone in Dark Mode which replaced the white menu and dock with a darker one. This could help developers and other people who use the phone for graphics and photo editing to concentrate better.

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